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Our Story

Babeeboo was founded in 2019 before the birth of our son Sebastian. Like most parents we were looking for a cost-effective and eco-friendly mom and baby stuff. For this reason, we started Babeeboo. We wanted to bring mom and baby stuff into parent’s homes everywhere at a fraction of the price of traditional without jeopardizing quality or style.


We started this company as we realized the costs of raising children with one of the most significant costs coming from diapers. As we searched for a cheaper alternative we tried to develop a diaper that would fit your child from newborn to potty training, with gender neutral designs that can be passed through multiple children.


Over the last few years we realized that making these diapers wasn't enough. We needed to be there for our customers to support them through their cloth diaper journey. We needed to be there to answer questions about fitting, sizing, leaks, blowouts, hacks, etc. We developed a free in depth E-book, that we are adding to all the time, and we also hired a full time dedicated customer support team to be there to address and issues or questions our customers might have.

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